How Many Calories in Chickpeas Salad

Salads are made of fresh vegetables or fruits without much cooking. This makes them healthy food. Chickpea salad is a protein- rich dish and it is one of the best health building diets. Chickpeas salad can never be beaten in taste as the original grandeur and aroma of peas would be amazing. While eating one would get immersed in its taste. Chickpeas are very low in fat and they can be mixed with any type of ingredients.

The normal serving size of chickpeas salad is about 240 grams. This contains about 286 calories in total. But the calories from fat are just 20 as the major nutrition content in this dish is protein. The chickpeas salad is very light in taste and so the dish is flavored with fresh herbs and lemon. The dish shall also be served with cut tomatoes and red onions. Other half cooked vegetables shall also be added. But all these might increase the calories.

Calories in Chickpeas Salad

The total fat content in this dish is about 4%. This dish does not contain any cholesterol. Thus it is very good for health. This dish contains 30 % of sodium and 24% of protein. Other major ingredients are iron and potassium which are about 18% and 12% respectively. As this dish is rich in all the essential nutrients, it is very good for health. This dish shall be taken as breakfast which gives a complete balanced nutrition.

This dish also contains fiber which helps in proper digestion. Vitamin C present in this dish has got lot of health providing substances. This is one of the healthy snack and when other vegetables are added to this dish it will be a filling food. The chickpeas contain large amount of essential minerals. The large quantity of calcium and phosphorous in this salad is very good for the bones. Thus this is a complete dish for overall fitness.