How Many Calories in Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake is one of the edible forms of mushroom cultivated all over the world. This mushroom had its origin in Asia and is considered as a highly nutritious plant food. These mushrooms have got a lot of health benefits and so they are widely grown and consumed. They are also used as herbal medicine for curing various ailments. Shiitake mushrooms have got an amazing flavor. It tastes like meat and flesh and so it is loved by all. It has got a brown top and a hard stem. The stem is not suitable for cooking and hence it is removed.

A full cup of cooked shiitake mushrooms cut into pieces contains about 81 calories. The fat content in this dish constitutes about 3 calories. This is absolutely a fat free dish and the calories are also very less. The major ingredients are potassium, fiber and carbohydrates. This is also a good source of proteins and vitamins. Some of the essential minerals like phosphorus can also be found in this dish.

Calories in Shiitake Mushrooms

This shiitake mushroom is rich in Vitamin B6. This vitamin is very helpful in energy metabolism. They help in enhancing the functionality of various enzymes that help in breaking down complex substances into energy. This vitamin is very essential for all especially women. 100 grams of this dish provides nearly 4 mg of niacin which is very essential for this vitamin regulation.

This is a cholesterol free dish and is rich in fiber. This fiber helps in regulating the digestive track in our body. This has got several benefits including prevention of sustainable weight- loss and also weight gain. They contain high levels of riboflavin and also selenium.  The immunity is developed by minerals like zinc and phosphorous present in this mushroom. These are available in fresh as well as dried form. Fresh mushrooms have a greater nutritional value.