How many Calories in Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate chip cookie is a kind of a cookie that has been made from chocolate chips. Chocolate chip cookie is one of the most popular type of cookie and is loved and relished by many chocolate and cookie lovers. These cookies go well with tea and coffee and can be found at many coffee shops or other eateries. Infact chocolate chip cookies can also be made easily at home using a simple recipe. The amount of calories in chocolate chip cookies may depend upon the way they are made and the company that is manufacturing them. Read the following given information if you wish to know more about chocolate chip cookies:

calories in Chocolate Chip Cookie

Pillsbury is a famous company that produces yummy chocolate chip cookies. 1 cookie weighing 33 grams of Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie contains 150 calories out of which 12% come from total fat, 17% come from saturated fat, 2% are contributed by cholesterol, 5% are contributed by sodium and 6% come from total carbohydrates. D- nutrition grade has been given to this particular chocolate chip cookie. The low amount of cholesterol is one good thing about this cookie whereas high saturated fat and high amount of sugar are the two negative points about Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies.

Subway sandwiches are another famous brand known to sell chocolate chip cookies.  1 serving weighing 45 grams of this cookie contains 220 calories and comes at grade D+ as far as the nutritional value is concerned. The 220 calories are divided as follows: 15% come from total fat, 25% come from saturated fat, 5% come from cholesterol, 5% come from sodium, 10% come from total carbohydrates and 4% come from dietary fiber. The high amount of sugar as well as saturated fat is the two negative points about these chocolate chip cookies from Subway.