How many Calories in Chocolate Cake

Almost anybody and everybody who loves chocolate likes to eat chocolate cake. Chocolate cake makes a delicious desert which is not only great to taste but may also have certain health benefits associated with it. Chocolate cake is prepared and sold by a lot of cake shops, restaurants, coffee shops and even departmental stores. Chocolate cake can also be easily made at home using different recipes. The number of calories present in cheesecake depends upon the way it is made and the recipe which has been followed to make it. The following given article shall give you a clear idea about how many calories are there in chocolate cake:

EAT is a company which is known to prepare chocolate cake which has got a great taste. 1 serving of this chocolate cake contains 293 calories which are divided as follows: 24% from total fat, 14% from saturated fat, 10% from sodium, 11% from carbohydrates and 2% from dietary fiber. The amount of saturated fat and sodium is quite high in this particular chocolate cake and this can be a negative point about it.

Calories in Chocolate Cake

Vrooman chocolate cake is another variety of chocolate cake which is loved by a lot of people.  1 serving of this particular chocolate cake contains 320 calories out of which 25% come from the total fat content, 9% come from the sodium content and 14% come from the total carbohydrate content. The amount of sodium and total carbohydrates is high in Vrooman chocolate cake and this is also a negative point about it which might disturb the health conscious people.

Pillsbury moist supreme chocolate cake is a famous chocolate cake that can be prepared at home. 43.1 grams of this chocolate cake contains about 170 calories and has been given C grade in terms of its nutritional benefits.