How many Calories in Cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of the yummiest types of cakes and is majorly made up of cheese. Cheesecake is available and made in a variety of flavors and is sold and prepared all across the world and lived by children as well as adults. But there are a lot of calories present in cheesecakes and this calorie content may differ depending upon the exact flavor and the method of preparation. If you wish to find out more about cheesecake and are interested in knowing the number of calories in cheesecake then you must go through the following given information:

1 piece of cheesecake contains 257 calories and out of these calories, 28% are contributed by total fat, 40% come from saturated fat, 15% come from cholesterol, 7% come from sodium, 7% come from total carbohydrates and 1% dietary fiber. The good point about this cheesecake is that it has no sugar but the negative point about this cheesecake is that it has a lot of saturated fat content.

Calories in Cheesecake

Be Good to Yourself is another company that makes yummy lemon flavored cheesecake. 0.17 cheesecake that weighs 71 grams contains 142 calories. Out of the 142 calories, 3% come from total fat and 9% come from total carbohydrates.

Jack in the box is also a company which is known to make cheesecakes. 1 slice of the cheesecake of this company contains 310 calories out of which 25% are contributed by total fat, 45% come from saturated fat, 18% are contributed by cholesterol, 9% come from sodium and 11% come from total carbohydrates. The high amount of cholesterol, saturated fat and sodium are negative points about Jack In The Box’s cheesecake.

Starbucks makes yummy chocolate cheesecake, 1 serving of which contains 723 calories out of which 74% are contributed by total fat and 19% come from the total carbohydrate content.