How Many Calories in Chicken Meat

Chicken being the most common type of poultry is consumed all over the world. The chicken meat is consumed as a dish itself and is also used as a major component to many other dishes. There are varied ways of preparing the chicken meat or any chicken meat dishes. With each way of preparation and type of chicken meat used the calories contained and the nutritional values change.

How Many Calories in Chicken Meat

The chicken breast meat contains a total of 141 calories per serving and is given an A- grading in terms of nutrition. One serving of breast chicken meat i.e. 86g (1/2 breast bone and skin removed) contains 3.1g of fat which makes for 28 calories in the total. The meat contains no carbohydrates, dietary fibers or sugar contents. The cholesterol and sodium contents in the breast meat are 74mg and 99mg respectively. The good points about this meat are no saturated fats, sugars contents and high contents of phosphorus, selenium, vitamin B6 and B12.

Meat from other parts of chicken cooked or fried contains 307 calories and has been given a B- grade. The total amount of fat in one serving (i.e. 140g) is 12.8g, 3.4g of it being saturated, 3.0g polyunsaturated and 4.7g monounsaturated. The calories contributed by this fat content are 115 calories. The amounts of cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates and proteins content in the serving are 132mg, 127mg, 2.4g and 42.8g respectively.

The smoked and shredded white chicken meat produced by Schwan’s contains a total of 100 calories while 18 of them come from 2.0g of the fat content. The carbohydrates, proteins, sodium and cholesterol contents contained in one serving of the dish are 1.0g, 20.0g, 1000mg and 60mg respectively.

Compliments produce a chicken meat and vegetable pie which is given a D+ grading and contains 470 calories in all. The total fat content in its one pie (i.e. 200g) is 21.0g (8.0g of it being saturated fat) and contributes 189 calories to the total. The carbohydrates contained in the pie are 60.0g with 4.0g dietary fibers and 8.0g sugars. The levels of sodium, cholesterol and protein in the pie are 660mg, 35mg and 9.0g respectively.