How Many Calories in Broad Beans

There are numerous ways of cooking broad beans. You may boil, steam, stir fry or deep fry this vegetable or even prepare broad beans salad; it tastes good in all its forms and also offers good nutritional value. However, its calorie content differs based on its method of preparation. Broad beans are mainly popular for their high fiber content. Many nutritionists recommend the inclusion of broad beans in the diet as being rich in fiber it helps in digestion and also reduces the cholesterol level in the body.

One cup of raw broad beans weighing around 150 grams contains 512 calories. Out of these 512 calories only 21 calories are obtained from fat. 100 grams of raw broad beans contains 341 calories and one tablespoon of raw broad beans has 32 calories. Raw broad beans form a part of the broad beans salad and contain the maximum amount of fiber content in comparison to its other forms.

Broad Beans Calories

On boiling the calorie content in broad beans decreases however, it is equally nutritious as its raw form. 100 grams of boiled broad beans contains around 110 calories. An equal quantity of boiled broad beans contains 19.65 grams of carbohydrates, 8.86 grams of proteins, 5.4 grams of dietary fiber, 1.82 grams of sugar and approximately 71 grams of water content. It also contains various essential vitamins and minerals. One cup of boiled broad beans weighing approximately 170 grams contains around 187 calories.

You may also opt for canned broad beans. The calorie content in canned broad beans is even lesser While 100 grams of canned broad beans contains around 71 calories, 1 cup of canned broad beans which contains 256 grams of this vegetable has around 182 calories.

Fried form of broad beans is also quite delicious however it also comes with a number of calories. A standard serving of fried broad beans contains 440 calories.