How Many Calories in Chicory Roots

Chicory roots may be consumed in both raw as well as cooked forms. Whichever form you eat it in it offers good nutritional value. Like any other fruit or vegetable, the calorie content in chicory roots also varies based on its form. These are low in fat content and are thus recommended by the dieticians for people planning to reduce or maintain their weight.

Half a cup of raw chicory roots pieces contains around 33 calories out of which merely one calorie comes from fat. The total fat content in it is 0.1 gram, carbohydrate content is 7.9 grams and protein content is 0.6 gram. The potassium and sodium content in an equal quantity of raw Chicory roots is 131 mg and 23 mg respectively.

Chicory Roots Calories

One chicory root weighing around 60 grams contains 44 calories. The total carbohydrate content in an equal sized chicory root is 10.5 grams, protein content in it is 0.8 gram and fat content is as low as 10.5 grams.

Mostly preferred in its raw form, many people also like cooked chicory root. Chicory root can be cooked like any other vegetable by adding oil, salt, pepper, turmeric and other spices. The calorie content in cooked chicory root is higher than in its raw form. In order to enhance its taste a number of other ingredients such as ginger, garlic, etc are also added to it. However, the calorie content in chicory root prepared by adding all these ingredients is even higher. The calorie content in cooked chicory root varies based on the amount of these ingredients added.

Chicory root pickles are also quite popular. The calorie content in the pickled form of chicory root is quite different from its other two forms. 100 grams of chicory root pickle prepared using the basic recipe contains 16 calories out of which only 1.80 calories are obtained from fat.