How Many Calories in Applesauce Cake

An applesauce cake is a kind of a moist cake which contains applesauce. Applesauce cakes are very commonly available at a lot of bakeries and pastry shops. An applesauce cake tastes spicy and can also be prepared at home. Do you know whether an applesauce cake is healthy to eat or not? Or do you have an idea about the number of calories present in an applesauce cake? If the answers to these questions is no then you probably need to read the following given information which will give you an idea about the composition and nutrient content of an applesauce cake:

Calories in Applesauce Cake

In one piece of an applesauce cake which is 1/10 of 10 inch diameter cake contains 311 calories in it. Out of these calories, 103 calories come from fat alone. 18% of the 311 calories are contributed by total fat, 12% of the 311 calories are contributed by saturated fat, 7% of the calories come from cholesterol present, 11% of the calories come from the sodium amount present, 17% of the calories come from carbohydrates and 6% of the calories come from the dietary fiber content. 4% of these calories also come from the protein content. This particular applesauce cake is without icing. The high sodium content is a negative feature about this cake.

Applesauce cake is also available in a form that is sweetened but does not contain any salt. 1 cup of this cake contains 194 calories in total of which 1% of the calories are there as a result of total fat, 17% of the calories are present as a result of total carbohydrates and 12% are there due to the presence of dietary fiber content. There are no proteins in this applesauce cake variety and the high dietary fiber content is a positive point about it.