How Many Calories in Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are those types of potatoes which have been boiled and then mashed. Mashed potatoes may also contain some spices and salt so as to give them a good flavor and make them suitable to be eaten. Mashed potatoes is a kind of a potato item which can be easily prepared at home and is also found available at a number of restaurants or eating outlets. Do you know how many calories are there in 1 serving of mashed potatoes? If not and if you are interested in finding this out then you can go through the following given part of the article:

Calories in Mashed Potatoes

0.33 cup of mashed potatoes weighs about 80 grams and contains 66 calories. these potatoes have been tagged at grade B and out of the 66 calories, 1% of the calories come from the amount of total fats present, 2% come from the amount of saturated fat present, 1% come from the amount of cholesterol present, 8% come from the sodium content present whereas the remaining 4% comes from the total carbohydrates present. Some of the good points associated with mashed potatoes are that they have really quantity of cholesterol present in them, they have no sugar amount present in them and the amount of vitamin B6 present is also quite high. The high quantity of sodium present in these potatoes can be counted as a negative point.

Hungry Jack is a company that makes delicious mashed potatoes.1 serving of these mashed potatoes weigh about 22 grams and contains 80 calories. 2% of these calories come from total fat, 1% of the calories come from sodium present, 6% come from total carbohydrates and 4% come from the amount of dietary fiber content. The presence of low sodium in these mashed potatoes is a positive point about them.