How many Calories in a Sausage mcmuffin

Mcmuffins are the loveliest of fast food dishes that have existed on this earth. People love to eat them and eat it big. They are superb in tastes and people relish the taste of a mcmuffin. It is an energy giving snack and also relieves people from their stress of work with its juicy content and added flavours.

If something in the food category is so rich and tasty in nature then it got to have some calories and fat content. The calories that are found in mcmuffin amount to 575 kcal which is 28.8% DV. The calories derived from fat are 324 kcal at 180% DV.

The total fat content in DRI of 65g is 36g at 55.4% DV. The saturated fats in the mcmufins are almost 12 grams along with 60% DV. There is no Trans fat in it and this works as advantage for mcmuffin as Trans fat are not good for health at all.

Calories in a Sausage mcmuffin
Calories in a Sausage mcmuffin

The cholesterol content in DRI 300mg is negligible. There is no sodium in it which is also not bad sometimes because too much of sodium is not good for health though it is an important mineral which the body requires.

The carbohydrates in the mcmuffin are as much as 28 grams when measured on the scale of DRI 300 grams. Also, the dietary fibres amount to 4g at 16% of DV. The sugar content in these eateries is up to 3g at 6% DV.

The vitamin contents of specially vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C is not measured in this and it is undetermined.

The mcmuffins are eateries which are low in sugar content which is beneficial since too much sugar content might lead to sugar disorder of diabetes which is one of the most fast lifestyle disorders that is happening to people because of their eating habits.