How many calories in a Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate is one of those fruit that not only tastes good but has a high nutrition value and provides various health benefits. This is one of those fruits which help people to increase their blood levels. Pomegranate helps a person who is suffering from anaemia or less amount of blood to increase it levels. People who consume it on a regular basis have their blood levels in appropriate range. Also, regular consuming of it also helps in cleansing the blood and removes the impurities that are contained in it.

People like to eat pomegranate on its outer half and sometimes do not like the tastes of its seeds as it tastes a little less sweet but all the nutrition and good content of the pomegranate lies in the seeds of the fruits only. The sweet the pomegranate better is its nutrition and good content. It is that fruit which very less cholesterol that is almost negligible and it is 0%, this proves that this fruit is very healthy for all kinds of people. This fruit is also perfect for those who have weight problems as the consumption of this does not increase their weight at all.

calories in a Pomegranate Seeds
calories in a Pomegranate Seeds

The calories content of pomegranate are very less as it contains only 12% fat calories and 82% carbohydrates. The rest 5% are the protein calories. When served, the nutrition value changes according to the amount of serving if like if 2 tablespoon of seeds is being served then it will contain 4 carbohydrates and 18 calories. Similarly half cup of seeds will be having 15 carbohydrates and 70 calories.

The saturated fats in the seeds are 0% and the sodium content is also 0%. The dietary fibre content is of 3g and sugar in the seeds is 9 grams in total.  Iron is .36mg.