How many Calories in a Red Pear

Pear is a fruit which is considered to be one of the most nutritious fruit as it has no calories at all and it is also low on sugar content. This fruit is quite rich in the fibre content which is needed for proper circulation of blood and digestive system of the human body. There are about 2000 varieties of it and nutrition content differs from variety to variety. The red pear is highly nutritious and should be taken on daily basis.

A one ounce pear has approximately 16 calories. A small pear has about 83 calories and a larger one might have about 121 one of those. A freshly sliced pear of about one cup may have 96 calories. The pear which is about 100 grams possesses 15 grams of carbohydrates and 83 grams of pure water in it. It also contains about 9.8 grams of sugar, in which 6.23 grams is fructose, 2.76 grams is glucose and .78 grams is sucrose. The protein content is of 0.38 grams with 0.33 grams of ash. A red pear does not have much fat as it is just 0.12 grams per 100 grams of red pear.

Calories in a Red Pear
Calories in a Red Pear

Iron is present in 0.17mg per 100g of pear with 9 milligrams of calcium. Pear also contains vitamin A and vitamin K. Vitamin K is present in 4.5mcg amount in red pear. Ti also has vitamin C in it. The human body requires vitamin on a regular basis and that is why citrus fruits are prescribed in the deficiency of vitamin C. The red pear has about 6 percent of vitamin C in it which is ju7st about the prescribed amount on daily basis.

One should make a habit of eating pear daily as it helps to function the body well and supplies the necessary nutrition.