How Many Calories in Cinnabon

If one talks about bakeries the first name which strikes lovers of bakery items is Cinnabon. It has worldwide appeal. It makes various bakery products which are loved throughout the world. The company has many franchises in many parts of the world. It serves baked goods namely classic rolls, cinnabon bites, minibon, and caramel pecanbon. They use finest quality ingredients which gives perfect taste to the consumers.

If one talks about Classic Cinnabon it contains a lot of calories. It contains 880 calories which is a good amount. Thus one having it should be a bit cautious. To be more specific out of 880 calories 320 calories are from fat. Saturated fat is 17g out of total fat. Thus fat content is also on a higher side.  It has 830mg of sodium, 13g protein and 127g of carbohydrates of which 59g is sugar and 2g is fibre. Thus it is very low in fibre.

Calories in Cinnabon
Calories in Cinnabon

The Caramel Pecanbon takes the Classic Cinnabon and tops it with caramel and pecans. This product has 1080 calories. Out of 450 calories comes from fat. To be clearer it has 20g of saturated fat. It contains 960mg of sodium and 14g of protein. It also has 147g of carbohydrates of which 76g is sugar and 3g of fibre. Based on a diet of 2,000 calories per day, this sweet little bakery item supplies 45 to 55 percent of the day’s calories. Due to high calorie and fat content it should only be enjoyed occasionally.

On the other hand Cinnabon rolls also contain lot of calories. It contains around 750 calories out of which 300 calories come from fat. Thus total fat is 40% while total saturated fat is 33g.  Amazingly it’s very high in fat.  Carbohydrates are 106g out of cinnamon rolls have 1g dietary fibres and 59g sugar. Thus it gives a lot of calorie to its lovers. In fact for people on a diet should be far away from this little demon. Also fit person avoid eating one. Thus be a bit cautious before taking it!

Thus all items of cinnabon are high in calorie and fat. They should be carefully consumed by all age groups.