How many Calories in Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds are used in a lot of recipes and add a wonderful flavor to large number of dishes. But are you aware of the number of calories that are present in mustard seeds? Do you know about the health benefits or negative points about mustard seeds? If the answer to these questions is no and you wish to find more about mustard seeds, then the following given article shall be very useful and interesting for you:

Kohinoor is an Indian company that manufactures a lot of spices. Kohinoor also manufactures exotic Indian spices such as mustard seeds. 1/3 pack which is equal to 133 grams of Kohinoor mustard seeds contains about 103 calories and on the nutrition scale, it has been given B- grade.  There is 14% sodium in this pack in addition to 5% carbohydrates, 4% dietary fiber and 5% total fats. The good points about this pack is that it has no cholesterol, no saturated fat and no sugar but has high sodium content which is a negative points about it.

Calories in Mustard Seeds

Durbar is another company that makes and sells mustard seeds. 100 g of these mustard seeds contain 469 calories and has been given a grade of B+ in terms of the nutrition value. These mustard seeds contain 59% dietary fiber, 12% carbohydrates and 11% total fats. The high amount of dietary fiber makes these mustard seeds very healthy and the other good points about Durbar mustard seeds is that they have absolutely no content of cholesterol and also very little sodium quantity.

Compliment mustard seeds are also quite popular and ¼ teaspoons of these mustard seeds contain 0 calories. This company is famous for producing healthy and nutritious meals and also many packaged food items such as baby supplies, garden supplies, spice and even household solutions.