How Many Calories in Garlic

The calorie content in Garlic varies based on its form. Calories in the raw form differ from that of the cooked. Garlic can be cooked in different ways, it can even be pickled and the calorie content in each of these forms differs from the other. However, whichever form you consume it in, Garlic is known to have very low calorie content and offers a number of health benefits. Garlic is also added to various dishes for enhancing their taste and does not impact much to the calorie count of the overall dish.

One cup of raw Garlic contains around 202.6 calories. Out of this, 6.1 calories come from fat. The total fat in one cup of garlic is 0.68 grams out of which 0.12 grams is saturated fat, 0.34 grams is polyunsaturated fat and 0.015 is monounsaturated fat. The sodium and potassium is 23.1 mg and 545.4 mg respectively. The total Carbohydrates in one cup of Garlic is 45 grams, out of which 2.9 grams is Dietary Fiber. The total protein content in one cup of garlic is 8.6 grams.

Garlic Calories

Each garlic clove in its raw form contains 4.5 calories out of which 0.13 calories come from fat. The total fat content in a raw garlic clove is 0.015 grams out of which Saturated fat content is 0.0027 grams, polyunsaturated fat is 0.0075 grams and monounsaturated fat content is 0.00033 grams. The sodium and potassium content in a raw garlic clove is 0.52 mg and 12 mg respectively. On cooking the calorie content in garlic goes down. One cooked garlic clove contains 3 calories out of which 0.09 calories come from fat. The total fat amount in one cooked garlic clove is 0.01 gram out of which 0.0018 gram is saturated fat, 0.005 gram is polyunsaturated fat and 0.00022 gram is monounsaturated fat. There is 0.66 gram of carbohydrates and 0.13 gram of proteins in a cooked garlic clove.