How Many Calories in a Crab

Crab is one of the most favorite sea foods. Besides its great taste it also offers various essential minerals and vitamins. There are various kinds of crabs available to eat and the calorie content in a crab varies depending upon its kind. However, a large number of calories in most of the varieties of crab come from proteins.

A cooked Alaskan king crab serving weighing around 3 oz contains approximately 82 calories out of which 80% of the calories come from proteins and the remaining 20% come from fat. It has no carbohydrate content. An equal quantity of Alaskan king crab contains 16.45 grams of protein and the fat content in it is 1.31 grams. A 3 oz serving of this crab kind contains around 40% of the suggested daily intake of sodium 15% of the suggested daily intake of Cholesterol. Owing to the high levels of cholesterol and sodium content it is recommended to have it in moderate quantity.

Crab Calories

Most people also prefer having imitation crab meat. This is made of a processed fish known as Surimi. This is not an actual crab; this fish product is given the color and flavor of a crab to make it taste like one. It is preferred by many as it smells and tastes just like a crab and at the same time does not offer a huge Cholesterol content which is present in the actual crab; thus making it a healthier option for the crab lovers. It also has a good amount of Carbohydrate and protein content. An imitation crab meat serving weighing around 3 oz contains approximately 78 calories out of which 50 calories are obtained from carbohydrates, 25 from proteins and a mere 3 calories from fats.

Dungeness crab is another option when it comes to crabs. A 7 oz serving of Dungeness crab contains 140 calories out of which 120 calories are obtained from proteins, 14 calories come from fat and merely 6 calories come from carbohydrates.