How Many Calories on Diet Coke

A 330 ml diet Coke has around 1.3 calories. This is much lesser than the regular Coke which contains up to 142 Calories. This is the reason why most people prefer this drink. It is commonly believed that diet Coke is quite healthy as compared to the regular one, but it is not so, even the diet Coke is quite unhealthy. The first and foremost reason for this is the use of sweetener called Aspartame which has been in controversy since quite sometime now. A lot has been said about Aspartame to the extent that even FDA’s approval for including it in the drink has been questioned.

Diet Coke Calories

Certain studies have even shown a risk of brain tumor, lymphoma and brain lesions due to the consumption of Aspartame and are investigating further on this. The topic is still under discussion and research work is going on to justify the use of Aspartame. It also disrupts the body’s chemical processes which help in computing as to how much you have consumed. The belief that it offers a healthy alternative to the regular drinks such as Coke is also false. When you consume Diet Coke it produces a sharp barb in the insulin which in turn obstructs the fat breakdown. In fact not just this, any sweet product does this, no matter how less calories it contains.

Diet Coke includes ingredients such as carbonated water, phosphoric acid, caramel color, potassium benzoate, aspartame, citric acid, caffeine and natural flavors. It also contains some content of phenylalanine. As per its manufacturers, one serving of Diet Coke which amounts to around 8 oz contains 0 grams fats, proteins and carbohydrates and 40 mg sodium. Thus, though less in calories this is not a healthy option and should not be consumed in large amount; in fact it should be avoided as much as possible.