How Many Calories in a Ceasar Salad

The calorie content in a Ceasar salad varies based on the ingredients added to it as well as its serving size. Ceasar salad prepared at home is likely to have lesser number of calories as compared to that available in the market. A typical homemade Ceasar salad recipe includes fried croutons, anchovies, egg yolk, lemon juice, cheese and garlic cloves cooked in soybean or olive oil. The calorie content in this homemade Ceasar salad differs based on its serving size. Three and a half oz of Ceasar salad prepared using the above ingredients contains around 155 calories. Four oz of similarly prepared Ceasar salad has 179 calories, 6 oz of Ceasar salad has 264 calories and eight oz serving of this Ceasar salad contains 358 calories.

Ceasar Salad Calories

Some people prefer consuming salads as a main course item during their lunch or dinner and thus have a large serving of these. A 10 oz serving of homemade Ceasar salad prepared using the above mentioned ingredients contains around 442 calories, a 12 oz serving of similarly prepared Ceasar salad has around 531 calories and one pound Ceasar salad has as many as 709 calories.

When you go out and consume Ceasar salad from some restaurant you are likely to consume a larger number of calories than those that come from its homemade recipe. This is because the commercially prepared Ceasar salad includes various other ingredients such as sauces and spices for enhancing their taste.

There are various other Ceasar salad preparations as well that one may opt for one of these is the Chicken Ceasar Salad Wrap. A Chicken Ceasar salad wrap is very tasteful but also contains a number of calories. There are a total of 830 calories in a Chicken Ceasar Salad Wrap out of which 430 calories come from fat. It also contains 100 mg Cholesterol content.