How Many Calories in Chicken Nuggets

The calorie content in a chicken nugget varies based on its size, method of cooking and the ingredients used in its preparation. Various restaurants and food joints offer chicken nuggets and each of these has its own method of cooking them; some may grill them, others may fry them or bake them. The ingredients used by them and the size of the chicken nuggets are also different at different places.

McDonalds’ chicken nuggets named Chicken McNugget are quite popular owing to the delicious taste they have. However, these chicken nuggets also come with a good amount of calories. An average sized chicken McNugget contains around 41.7 calories. If you are looking for Chicken Nuggets with comparatively lesser calorie content then you have the option of going for the chicken nuggets available at Sainsbury. An average sized Sainsbury chicken nugget contains around 31.7 calories. ASDA Chicken Nugget also contains just 33 calories per nugget which is lesser in comparison to the Chicken nuggets available at other food joints.

Chicken Nuggets Calories

KFC Kentucky Chicken Nuggets which are considered to be mouthwatering and irresistible are known to have a whopping 46 calories per nugget. Tesco chicken nuggets are also quite delicious and contain an equal number of calories as the Kentucky Chicken nuggets, that is, 46 calories per nugget.

Consuming an average sized Quorn Crispy Chicken Style Nugget would mean taking in 31 calories while having a Burger King Chicken Nugget would mean consuming as many as 55 calories.

Chicken Nuggets are certainly high in calories. However, those of you who avoid such high calorie and high fat food items but are fond of chicken nuggets can go for the homemade low-fat chicken nuggets. An average sized homemade low-fat chicken nugget contains 35 calories out of which just 10 calories come from fat. Also these chicken nuggets have only 1.14 grams of total fat content.