How Many Calories in a Sugar Cookie

Sugar cookie is considered to be a tasteful snack especially popular amongst the kids. However it also comes with a good number of calories. Sugar cookies can be prepared at home and are also available in the market. Various brands offer delicious sugar cookies and the calorie content in these may vary to some extent based on their brand and flavor.

A typically prepared sugar cookie contains sugar, eggs, flour, margarine, baking powder and vanilla essence. A three inch diameter sugar cookie prepared using the above mentioned ingredients contains around 66 calories out of which only 3 calories come from proteins, 30 calories come from fat and 33 calories come from carbohydrates. Consuming an equal sized sugar cookie gives 3.3 percent of the recommended daily calorie intake. The total fat content in an equal sized sugar cookie prepared in similar manner is 3 grams out of which 65 gram is saturated fat and 2.6 grams is unsaturated fat. It also contains 8.4 grams carbohydrates content out of which .2 gram is dietary fiber, 3.5 grams is sugar and 4.7 grams is starch.

Sugar Cookie Calories

Those of you who do not have the time to prepare sugar cookies at home may opt for the ones available in the market. Different companies offer sugar cookies. The ingredients used in the cookies available in the market are different. These companies make use of various flavors and other ingredients such as nuts, raisins, etc in order to enhance their taste, thus increasing their calorie content as well.

Pillsbury sugar cookies are quite popular. Each Pillsbury sugar cookie contains 120 kcal and the total fat content in it is 6 grams. Sugar cookies from Subway and McDonalds are also well liked. While a Subway sugar cookie contains 220 calories out of which 110 calories are obtained from fat that available at McDonalds contains 160 calories of which 60 calories come from fat.