How Many Calories in Can of Coke

A can of coke contains a number of calories. You may opt for different sizes of coke cans and the calorie content in it varies to a great extent based on its size. Besides the calories it also contains other micronutrients. The content of these micronutrients also varies based on the size of the can.

A standard coke can that contains 12 fl oz of coke has around 140 calories. Most people prefer a 12 oz can of coke. However, one may even go for a small can of coke. A small can of coke that contains 8 fl oz of coke contains around 105 calories where as a large coke can which contains around 16 fl oz of coke has as many as 200 calories.

Coke Calories

Cherry and vanilla flavor of coke is also available in the market. A standard 12 fl oz of cherry and vanilla flavored coke contains around 150 calories. One may also go for diet coke. A can of diet coke does not contain any calorie content. Same is the case with Coca-Cola Zero; this variety of Coke also does not have any calories. Coke also contains a good amount of sugar content. A 12 oz can of original Coke contains 39 grams of sugar. The other two flavors, cherry and vanilla have a comparatively higher amount of sugar content. Both these flavors contain 42 grams of sugar in a 12 oz can. On the other hand if you go for a Diet Coke or Coca Cola Zero you will not be taking in any calories.

Coke is not considered good for health; consuming a can of original as well as flavored coke results in adding a number of calories to the body. Even the sugar free substitutes of Coke have certain adverse effects on a person’s health.