How Many Calories in String Bean Chicken

String bean chicken contains certain essential micronutrients and also tastes delicious. There are a number of ways in which string bean chicken may be prepared and the number of calories in each of these preparations is different.

String bean chicken breast available from Panda Express is amongst one of the popular string bean chicken preparations. A 5.5 oz serving of String bean Chicken Breast available from Panda Express contains a total of 160 calories. Out of these 160 calories 37% of the calories are obtained from proteins, 33% calories come from fat and the remaining 30% is obtained from carbohydrates. The total fat content in an equal serving of Panda Express’s string bean chicken breast is 6 grams of which 1 gram is saturated fat content. The total carbohydrate content in it is 12 grams of which 2 grams is dietary fiber content and 6 grams is sugar content. The total sodium content in 5.5 oz of string bean chicken available here is 770 mg, cholesterol content in it is 35 mg and protein content in it is 15 grams.


 If you prepare string bean chicken at home then the calorie content in it is likely to be lower than the one in the above mentioned commercially prepared string bean chicken.

The Chinese Green Bean Chicken is also very well liked. (Green bean is referred to as string bean in the western and northeastern United States). A 5 oz serving of Chinese green bean chicken contains a total of 258 calories. Out of these 258 calories 71% of the calories come from fat, 17% are obtained from carbohydrates and the remaining come from proteins. An equal serving of Chinese green bean chicken contains a total of 21 grams of fat content of which 3 grams is saturated fat content. The total cholesterol content in it is 16 mg and sodium content in it is 349 mg.