How Many Calories in Sprouts

Sprouts can be made from different pulses and other food items and the calorie content of sprouts varies largely depending upon this factor. The calories in sprouts also differ based on the way it is prepared, the other ingredients used in it and the quantity in which it is consumed. However, most sprouts are low in calories and great energy boosters. The two popular sprout choices are Brussels sprouts and Beans sprouts. The calorie content in each of these is discussed in detail in this article.

Sprouts Calories

An average sized boiled or steamed Brussels sprouts contain 8 calories, 4 average sized boiled or steamed Brussels sprouts contain 32 calories and a serving containing 5 similarly cooked average sized Brussels sprouts has 40 calories. 28 grams of boiled or steamed Brussels sprouts contain 10 calories, 100 grams of similarly cooked Brussels sprouts contain 36 calories and half a cup of Brussels sprouts cooked in the same way has 28 calories. The calorie content in raw Brussels sprouts is different from the cooked one. 28 grams of raw Brussels sprouts has 12 calories, 1 cup of raw Brussels sprouts contains 38 calories and 100 grams of raw Brussels sprouts have 43 calories.

Bean Sprouts which are as healthy and nutritious as the Brussels sprouts contain different calorie content. Each serving of Bean sprouts which is around 100 grams contains around 27 calories. It also offers other nutritional value; an equal quantity of Bean Sprouts has 2.3 grams of proteins, 3.2 grams of Carbohydrates, 0.6 grams of fat and 1.2 grams of Dietary Fiber. Consuming an ounce of plain bean sprouts offers 9 calories.

Apart from these two options, you may even try Alfalfa sprouts which also offer good nutritional value. One cup of raw Alfalfa sprouts contains 9.6 calories. Out of these 2 calories come from fat. Total fat content in an equal amount of Alfalfa sprouts is 0.23 grams out of which 0.023 grams are saturated fat, 0.13 grams are polyunsaturated fat and 0.018 grams are monounsaturated fat.