How Many Calories Should I Eat for Breakfast

There is no fixed amount of calorie intake that we should have for breakfast or for that matter any other meal. It depends on a number of factors. The first and foremost factor being a person’s weight; this is the major factor in determining as to how many calories should be taken in the breakfast. If a person is happy with his weight and wants to maintain it then the number of calories to be consumed is different. If a person is underweight and wants to increase his weight then the calorie intake is different; it is a bit higher then the usual calorie intake and if a person is overweight then he should be taking fewer calories in the breakfast.

Another deciding factor is a person’s gender. The ideal calorie intake of men and women differ from each other. The calorie intake also depends on a person’s height, age and other factors such as the kind of job he is doing and how many hours he is working. If it is a sitting job then the person requires lesser calories and if he is involved in field work or more of physical labor then the consumption of calories needs to be comparatively high.

The calorie intake that we have during the day should be spread appropriately over the number of meals we have. Since breakfast is considered to be one of the most significant meals of the day as it raises your metabolism and assists in keeping the energy levels high all through the day it is important to eat just the right kind of food during this meal. It is suggested to have 350-500 calories in breakfast to stay active throughout the day. Breakfast should be balanced and must include various essential nutrients such as iron, calcium, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.