How Many Calories in a Red Apple

Apples come in various sizes and kinds and the calorie content in each apple differs based on these two factors. The calorie content also varies in apples based on whether an apple is peeled or unpeeled and also the way it is consumed. A small unpeeled apple of around two and a half diameter has around 53-55 calories, a medium unpeeled apple having a diameter of 2 ¾ has around 77-81 calories, a large apple of 3 ¼ diameter has approximately 110-118 calories. A cup of sliced apples has 53 calories out of which 1% calories come from Fat. An equal quantity of Apple has 0% Cholesterol and 14 grams of Carbohydrates which amounts to 5% of the total apple content. It has 11 grams of sugar and 1 gram of fibre.

Red Apple Calories

Apples also have a good Vitamin C content. An equal quantity that is 1 cup of sliced apples has 7% Vitamin C while Vitamin B6 content is only 2% and Vitamin A is 1%. Other macronutrients are also available in this fruit in moderate amount for instance the Calcium content is 1%, Thiamin is 1%, the content of Niacin, Phosphorous, Magnesium and Pantothenic Acid is also 1% while Riboflavin is 2% and Potassium content is 3%. Thus, apple is a good source of various nutrients.

It is recommended to include apples in ones daily diet plan. This low fat fruit certainly has a good amount of nutritional value and is thus known as a health fruit. You may have it peeled as well as with peel; it seems delicious both the ways however the calorie content in each of these would vary. Apples are mostly preferred in law form; however these can even be added to various preparations such as puddings, cakes, ice creams, etc to enhance their taste. You may also consume this in the form of juice.