How Many Calories in a Peach

Peach is considered to be a health fruit as it has low calorie as well as fat content. The number of calories in a peach varies depending upon the peach’s size and the form in which it is consumed. Peach is usually had in raw form or in the form of juice and the calorie content differs in both the forms.

3 and a half ounces of fresh peach has 38-39 calories, a small raw peach having a 2¼” diameter has 51 calories, an average sized peach having a 2½” diameter has 59 calories, a large peach having 2¾” diameter has 61-68 calories, an extra large peach has 87 calories, one cup of sliced peaches weighing 5.4 oz has 60 calories and one cup of sliced peaches weighing 6 oz has 66 calories.

Peach Calories

Peach has various other nutritional values for instance it has nutrients such as potassium, dietary fiber, etc. Each 10 grams of raw peach has 4.3 calories out of which 0.081 calories come from Fat. Total fat content in a peach is very low; it is as low as 0.009 grams. Out of this total fat content 0.001 grams are saturated fat, 0.0045 grams are polyunsaturated fat and 0.0034 grams are monounsaturated fat. The potassium content in the peach is 19.7 mg, carbohydrates content is 1.1 gram, dietary fiber is 0.2 grams and proteins are 0.07 grams. It also contains some amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

The calorie content however differs in peaces that are canned with syrup. Such peaches are loaded with a lot of sugar and have a good number of calories. Having raw peaches is much healthier; you may add these to a bowl of whole grain cereals. You may also consume these with yogurt. Mixing peach slices with yogurt provides good amount of calcium though it also increases the calorie content to some extent.