How Many Calories in Raisins

The calorie content in raisins differs when consumed in raw form and when had in cooked form as a part of a dish. One serving of raisins which contains around 15 raisins has 23 calories out of which none of the calories come from Fat. The Fat content in raisins is quite low; it is just 0.04 grams. The Saturated Fat content is 0.005 grams, polyunsaturated Fat content is 0.003 grams and Monounsaturated fat content is 0.004 grams. Sodium content in one serving is as low as 1 mg, potassium is 58 mg, Total Carbohydrates are 6.18 grams, Dietary Fiber is 0.3 grams, Sugar 4.62 grams and Proteins 0.24 grams.

Raisins offer a great nutritional value, especially when consumed in the raw form. However, along with its nutritional benefits also come a good amount of calories. Yes, raisins do offer a good number of calories and is not recommended for someone who is planning to shed weight. Those intending to maintain their weight must also have these in a moderate form.

Raisins Calories

There are 1% fat, 95% carbohydrates and 4% proteins in Raisins. The calorie content as well as the other nutritional value varies based on the size of serving. 1 small box (around .5 oz) of Raisins contains around 42 calories, 50 Raisins contain around 78 calories, 1 oz of Raisins contains 85 Calories, a box of Raisins (weighing around 1.5 oz) contains 129 calories, 100 grams of Raisins has 299 calories and 1 cup of Raisins has 434 calories.

Raisins may be consumed in raw form and may also be added to various dishes in order to enhance their taste. These are mostly added to custards, puddings, ice creams, other sweets and even rice in order to add taste as well as nutrition to these items. Since these food items already have high calorie content thus, when had as a part of these you are likely to consume a number of calories.