How Many Calories in Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice is low in fat, sodium as well as calories. It is added to various beverages, desserts, salads and side dishes in order to enhance their taste as well as add nutritional value to them. The calories in lemon juice vary based on the way it is prepared. The amount of sugar, salt and other ingredients added to the lemon juice change the number of calorie content in it. Lemon juices available in the market also have other added flavors and the calorie content goes up in these juices due to these additional flavors.

The calorie content in simple homemade lemon juice is far lower than the flavored lemon juices available in the market.

Lemon Juice Calories

One tablespoon of fresh lemon juice contains 3 calories. The juice of an average sized lemon has around 12-13 calories, one fluid ounce of fresh lemon juice has around 8 calories, the juice in one wedge of lemon has 1-2 calories and one cup of lemon juice that weighs around 8.6 fluid oz has approximately 65 calories. Unlike Fat, which is the main constituent of calories in most food items, the calories in lemon juice come from carbohydrates. Proteins also do not amount to any calories in lemon juice.

Lemon has great nutritional benefits. It is a good source of Vitamin C; 6% of your recommended daily consumption of Vitamin C can be derived from fresh lemon juice. However the calorie content and other nutritional value of the fresh lemon juice differs from that of bottled or canned lemon juice. One cup of bottled or canned lemon juice contains around 51 calories out of which approximately 6.4 calories are derived from Fat. An equal quantity of lemon juice has 0.71 grams of Fat out of which 0.093 grams are Saturated Fat, 0.21 grams are Polyunsaturated Fat and 0.027 grams are Monounsaturated Fat.