How Many Calories in Pistachios

Pistachios may be had in different forms; you may have these raw, roasted, fried and salted. It is also added to various dishes in order to enhance their taste. The calorie content as well as the nutritional value in each of these forms differs from the other.

Pistachios are mostly preferred in the roasted form. There are 4 calories in a dry roasted pistachio nut. Consuming 25 pistachios would mean that you are consuming 100 calories. 25 dry roasted pistachios which weigh around 17.5 grams contain a total fat content of 7.84 grams out of which 0.95 grams are saturated fat, 4.14 grams are monounsaturated fat and 2.35 grams are polyunsaturated fat. An equal quantity of pistachios contains 5.14 grams of carbohydrates and 1.7 grams of dietary fibber. The total sugar content in it is 13.5 grams which includes 0.05 grams each of fructose and glucose and 1.25 grams of sucrose.

Pistachios Calories

Pistachios also contain various essential minerals and vitamins. 25 dry roasted pistachios contain a total of 0.71 gram of iron, 176 mg of potassium, 82 mg of phosphorus and 19 mg of each calcium and magnesium. It also contains small traces of copper, manganese, selenium, sodium and zinc. An equal quantity of Pistachios contain around 0.5 mg of vitamin C, 0.42 mg of vitamin E, 2.3 mcg of vitamin K and small amount of B vitamins including niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, B6, B12 and pantothenic acid.

One cup of roasted and salted pistachios contains 328.9 calories out of which 238 calories are derived from fat. The total fat content in an equal quantity of roasted and salted pistachios is 26.5 grams out of which 3.2 grams are saturated fat, 8 grams are polyunsaturated fat and 14 grams are monounsaturated fat. One cup of roasted salted pistachios contains 247 mg of sodium, 599 mg of potassium, 15.7 grams of carbohydrates, 6 grams of dietary fiber and 12.3 gram of proteins.