How Many Calories in an Onion

Onions, which are known as a good source of Vitamin C, are not very high on the calorie content. Like, any other vegetable the calorie content of an onion also differs based on its size and the way it is cooked or consumed. One ounce boiled onion has around 7 calories, an equal amount of raw onion has 11-12 calories, the calorie content in one cup raw chopped onion which weighs around 160 grams is 64 calories, the calorie content in a boiled onion of 100 grams is around 26 calories, one medium raw onion has approximately 44-46 calories and one large onion has around 63 calories. As we see, the calorie content of an onion decreases on boiling or steaming it.

Onion Calories

Having a medium sized onion in your meal provides fuel to the body. It provides a good amount a Vitamin C. A medium sized onion gives 8.1 mg of Vitamin C. The calcium content in an equal sized onion is 25 mg, folate 21 mcg, potassium is 161 mg and Vitamin A is 2 IU. One table spoon chopped onion which is around 10 grams offers 4 calories and 0% fats; it also has 0% cholesterol as well as 0% sodium. Total Carbohydrates in an equal quantity of Onion is 0.9 gram, 0.2 grams is Dietary Fiber, 0.4 grams Sugar content and 0.1 gram proteins.

You may choose from two different kinds of onions. One of them has a strong flavor and the other kind is milder. The milder onion is commonly used in the preparation of various dishes. Onions are used in the preparation of almost all the vegetables; they enhance the taste of any vegetable. Though it does not offer health nutrients such as Iron, Calcium or Vitamin A content, the fact that it contains no fats and cholesterol makes it popular.