How Many Calories in a Mango

Mangoes are available in different of shapes and sizes. These also come in different varieties. The calorie content in each mango differs from the other based on its shape, size and kind. One ounce of Mango has 18 calories, 1 cup of fresh sliced mango contains 107 calories and a large whole mango with skin has 135 calories. Similarly different sizes of Mangoes contain different calorie contents. The calorie content also differs in different kinds of Mango preparations. It is different in Mango milk shake, Mango pickle, Mango Jam, Mango juice and various other preparations.

Mango Calories

Many people prefer having Mango milk shake rather than having a raw mango. The calorie content in a Mango milk shake is around 79 calories; the calories may differ based on the amount of sugar and milk content used in the preparation. Some people also go for flavored Mango milk shakes; the calorie content in such drinks is quite higher than the usual Mango milk shake prepared at home and should be avoided if you are aiming to cut down on your calorie consumption. Mango pickles are also quite popular; one serving of Indian Mango pickle which amounts to around 15 grams contains approximately 22 calories.

Mangos are a good source of potassium, Vitamin A and C. A medium sized mango gives around 20% of the suggested daily Vitamin C content. It also has high Vitamin B content especially Vitamin B6. Mangoes are also rich in fiber; there is 4 gram of fiber in one Mango. Food rich in fiber is recommended to those planning to loose weight. Mangoes are not only a good source of fiber but are also fat free. Mango has several other nutritional qualities for instance it helps in the fetus and placenta growth. It assists in metabolic activities of skin, teeth and retina.