How Many Calories in Kiwi Fruit

Low in fats Kiwi fruit is recommended by nutritionists for those trying to lose their weight. The calorie content in Kiwi fruit varies based on whether it is raw or in any other form such as salad, jam, etc. While the raw form may have comparatively lesser calories the calorie content in the other forms rises to some extent. The calorie content in Kiwi salad also depends on the other ingredients that form a part of the salad. The calories in Kiwi fruit jam increases due to the sugar content added to it.

Kiwi Fruit Calories

One cup of raw kiwi fruit contents 108 calories out of which 7 calories come from fat. The total fat content in one cup of Kiwi fruit is 0.78 grams, saturated fat content in it is 0.051 grams, polyunsaturated fat is 0.43 grams and monounsaturated fat is 0.069 grams. Kiwi fruit also contains various other micronutrients such as sodium, potassium, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. The sodium and potassium content in a cup of kiwi fruit is 8.8 mg and 587.6 mg respectively. While the carbohydrate content in an equal serving of Kiwi fruit is 26.3 grams, dietary fiber is 6 grams and protein content is 1.8 grams. It is a rich source of Vitamin C and contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E and B Vitamins in small amounts.

One slice of raw Kiwi fruit contains 4.3 calories out of which 0.28 calories come from fat. The total fat content in a slice of Kiwi fruit is as low as 0.031 calories. The total saturated fat is 0.002 grams, polyunsaturated fat content is 0.017 grams and monounsaturated fat content is 0.0027 grams.

Most of the calories in a raw green Kiwi fruit come from Carbohydrates. The total calorie content in a 100 grams serving of Kiwi fruit is 61 kcal out of which as many as 52.8 kcal come from carbohydrates, 4.4 kcal come from fat and 3.8 kcal come from proteins.