How Many Calories in Yams

The calorie content in yams varies based on whether it is raw or in cooked form. It also depends based on its method of preparation. One ounce of raw yam contains 33 calories, 100 grams or three and a half ounces of raw yam has 118 calories and one cup of yam cubes weighing around 150 grams contains 177 calories.

One cup cubes of boiled and drained yams without salt contains weighing around 136 grams contains 158 calories out of which just 2 calories come from fat. It is very low in fat. The total fat content in an equal quantity of similarly prepared yams is 0.2 gram consisting of 0.1 gram polyunsaturated fat content. The total carbohydrate content in it is 37.4 grams, dietary fiber content is 5.3 grams, sugar content is 0.7 gram, protein content is 2 grams and sodium content is 11 mg. It also contains vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium and iron.

 Yams Calories

One ounce of boiled or plain baked yam contains 32 calories, 100 grams of similarly prepared yam contains 106 calories, half a cup of yam cubes weighing around 68 grams contains 79 calories, a medium sized yam of around 6 inches contains 263 calories and a large sized yam of approximately 9 inches contains 394 calories. The calorie content in yam boiled or baked with salt is different.

Cooking yam with oil and different spices increases its calorie content. However, the number of calories in yams cooked in oil and spices differs based on the amount and type of oil and spices added to it.

Yam soup is also quite a popular yam preparation and the number of calories in yam soup is also largely dependent on the way it is prepared. While plain yam soup contains lesser amount of calories, the commercially prepared yam soups contain more calories.