How Many Calories in Nopales

The calorie content in Nopales is quite low. It varies based on whether Nopales are cooked or raw. It is also dependent upon its method of preparation as well as its serving size. The number of calories in one cup raw sliced Nopales weighing around 86 grams is 14 kcal. The fat content in Nopales is also very low. Out of the 14 calories in one cup of raw sliced Nopales just one comes from fat. The total fat content in an equal quantity of Nopales is 0.1 gram. It has a total carbohydrate content of 2.9 grams, dietary fiber content of 1.9 grams, sugar content of 1 gram, sodium content of 18 mg, protein content 1.1 gram. Nopales also contain some amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron.

Nopales Calories

One cup of cooked Nopales without salt weighing around 149 grams contains 23.84 calories. The total fat content in it is 0.075 grams consisting of 0.009 gram of saturated fat content, 0.01 gram monounsaturated fat content and 0.031 gram of polyunsaturated fat content. It contains 4.887 grams of carbohydrate and 2.012 grams of protein. While 1 ounce of cooked Nopales without salt contains 4.536 calories. It contains 0.014 grams of fat, 0.93 gram of carbohydrate and 0.383 gram of protein, 46 mg of calcium, 0.142 mg of iron as well as some amount of other essential vitamins and minerals. However, the number of calories in Nopales may vary based on the amount and kind of oil and spices added to it.

Nopales Soup is quite a popular Nopales preparation especially with mushrooms added to it. The calorie content in each serving of mushrooms and Nopales soup is 12 kcal. The total fat content in it is 0.2 gram, carbohydrate content in it is 2 grams, protein content is 1.5 grams, sodium content is 9.4 mg and potassium content is 160 mg.