How many Calories in Watermelon Slice

Watermelon is one of the healthiest fruits to eat because of the fact that it has a high level of water content in it. Watermelon is a tasty fruit which is especially very beneficial in the summers. These days, many companies manufacture canned watermelon slices as well that can be preserved for a long time. But the amount of calories in such canned watermelon slices may differ from company to company. If you are interested in knowing the health benefits of watermelon slice and wish to know about the content of calories in one watermelon slice then the following given information would be useful for you:

calories in watermelon slice

Wegmans is one of the most popular companies that sell canned watermelon slices. The Gummi euro watermelon slice produced by this company is a very popular watermelon variant. 1 serving of this watermelon slice contains 150 calories and has been given a nutrition grade D+. Out of these calories, 12% is contributed by total carbohydrates. The good points about this watermelon slice are that it has no cholesterol, no saturated fat and low sodium content. The negative point about this watermelon slice is that it has a lot of sugar content.

Allan Candy is another brand that manufactures watermelon slices. The Allan sour watermelon slice sold by this company is a famous option for those who love eating watermelon. 1 serving of this watermelon slice contains 130 calories and 11% of these calories come from total carbohydrates and 1% comes from sodium.

Malaco manufactures sour watermelon slices, 40 grams of which contain 140 calories. 12% of these calories are contributed by total carbohydrates and 2% are contributed by sodium. These watermelon slices are low on the sodium content which can be considered a good point about them but high sugar content makes for one of the negative points.