How Many Calories in Broccoli Salad

Broccoli is one green vegetable which is tasty as well as nutritious. Broccoli is easily available in the market and can be used in a lot of recipes and dishes. Broccoli can be used as a dressing, as a topping on pizzas etc and can also be used in broccoli salad. But do you know how many calories does broccoli salad have? There are many health benefits of having broccoli salad and if you wish to know about them then please refer to the following given information:

Calories in Broccoli Salad

1 cup of broccoli salad contains about 120 calories out of which 8% come from total fat, 5% come from saturated fat, 13% come from sodium, 2% come from cholesterol and 4% come from total carbohydrates infact 1% calories are also contributed by dietary fiber and 10% come from protein. There is a lot of vitamin C in a broccoli salad and even the quantity of vitamin A in it is quite high. Some good things about a broccoli salad is that it has low cholesterol content and the amount of vitamin A and C is high but on the other hand, the amount of sodium as well as saturated fat is considerably high and this can be considered as a negating point.

Broccoli salad can be made by adding other vegetables as well such as cauliflower etc. 1 cup of broccoli salad containing bacon, cauliflower, cheese and dressing contains 427 calories. 57% of these calories come from total fat, 43% come from total fat, 14% are contributed by cholesterol, 21% are contributed by sodium and 8% comes from potassium as well. The large amount of sodium and saturated fat is a really bad thing about such a broccoli salad and it cannot be considered nutritious inspite of the high amount of vitamin C in it.