How Many Calories in Tempura

Tempura is a well liked cuisine. There are various Tempura preparations that one may have. The number of calories and other nutritional value in a few Tempura preparations is given below in detail.

Vegetable Tempura is a popular tempura preparation. One piece of tempura preparation contains a total of 11 calories. Out of these 11 calories 56% calories come from fat, 34% calories come from carbohydrates and the remaining 10% come from proteins. The total fat content in an equal sized vegetable tempura is 0.71 gram of which 0.187 gram is saturated fat content, 0.082 gram is polyunsaturated fat content and 0.387 gram is monounsaturated fat content. Consuming tempura also has effect on the cholesterol level; one piece of tempura contains a total of 5 mg cholesterol content, 2 mg sodium content, 12 mg potassium content, 0.96 gram if carbohydrate content, 0.1 gram each of dietary fiber and sugar content and 0.3 gram of protein content.


One oz of vegetable tempura contains 46 calories, one fritter contains a total of 48 calories and 100 grams has a total of 161 calories.

Shrimp tempura is also a favorite tempura preparation. One medium sized shrimp tempura contains a total of 16 calories of which 52% calories come from proteins, 30% calories come from carbohydrates and the remaining 18% calories come from fats. The total fat content in an equal serving of shrimp tempura is 0.31 gram, carbohydrate content in it is 1.14 gram and protein content in it is 2 grams. It is also a rich source of Iron and contains a good amount of calcium.

Fish cake tempura is another hot favorite tempura dish. One oz of cooked fish cake tempura contains a total of 47 calories of which 34% calories are obtained each from carbohydrates and fat and 32% come from proteins.