How Many Calories in Diet Root Beer

Diet root beer is a good option for those trying to avoid calories. Besides two or three brands/ varieties the calorie content in all the rest of the diet root beer is nil. This drink does not even contain any fat or sugar content and this is the main reason why many people go for it. However, it is essential to know as to which all brands/ varieties of diet root beer do include calorie content so as to avoid them else the whole purpose of opting for a diet root beer may go for a toss. Here is a look at the calorie content in diet root beer available from a few popular brands.

Diet root beer available from Soda Stream is quite popular. 8 oz of this diet root beer does not contain any calories. There is no fat, carbohydrate or protein content in it either.



Stewart’s diet root beer is another great choice when it comes to diet root beer. You would not be taking in a single calorie even on the consumption of an entire diet root beer bottle available from this brand. One can of diet root beer available from Barg’s contains zero calories and a bottle available at IBC also does not contain any calorie content.

However, if you consume 12 oz of diet root beer available at Virgil’s you are likely to take in 6 calories, though the calorie content is not much you may still avoid it by going for any other diet root beer option that offers zero calories. The total carbohydrate content in Virgil’s diet root beer is 2 grams.

It is also to be noted that while one can of diet root bear available from A&W does not contain any calorie content on the other hand a medium sized A&W diet root beer float weighing around 20 oz contains a total of 170 calories.