How Many Calories in Sharon Fruit

Sharon fruit is a kind of an edible fruit which is a native of China and has got a deep orange colour. This fruit looks like a tomato and has got a sweet flavor. This is a seedless fruit which is sold at many places in the world. Sharon fruit can be eaten either in the raw form or as an ingredient in salads and other dishes. If you wish to know about the nutritional value or caloric content of a Sharon fruit, then you can refer to the following given information.

Calories in Sharon Fruit


Melisa’s is a famous company which sells many fruits and vegetables. This company also sells Sharon fruit. 1 piece of this fruit weighs about 168 grams and has got 120 calories in total. Out of these 120 calories, 105 come from total carbohydrates and 8% come from the dietary fiber content. There is 1 gram of protein too present in this piece of Sharon fruit. There is a huge amount of vitamin A present plus a generous quantity of vitamin C too there in Mellissa Sharon fruit and these are some good points about it. B is the nutritional grade which is given to this particular fruit.

Sharon’s sorbet is a sorbet which is made by using Sharon fruit. This sorbet is sold by many companies in packaged form and 1 serving contains in total 80 calories. as far as the nutritional value of Sharon’s sorbet is concerned, it has been tagged at B+ grade. Out of the 80 calories, 7% of the calories come from total carbohydrates and 4% come from dietary fiber content. Some good points include the fact that it contains no saturated fat , no cholesterol and has got very low sodium content as well. The high amount of sugar is a negative point about Sharon’s sorbet.