How Many Calories in Seafood Salad

Seafood salad is an ultimate continental cuisine which definitely satisfies your palate for sea food. It contains all major seafood ingredients including prawns, mussels, squid rings, scallops, calamari with olive oil, lemons, lettuce and spinach leaves, parsley, chilies, garlic and lemon. All these ingredients have different carbs and calorie content of their and when combined together they make an extremely delicious seafood salad which is considerably high in calories. That is why if you are a fan of this gourmet seafood salad then you must know all about its nutrient content and its repercussions on your health.

Under the assumption that the serving size is 1 cup of seafood salad the following metric has been provided.

Calories in Seafood Salad

Calorie Meter:

  • Calorie: 318
  • Carbs:3.33 grams
  • Fats: 22.55 grams
  • Protein: 24.63 grams

From the above data it is clear that in one cup of seafood total of 318 calories are present. But this is the total calorie; the calorie from fat is 203 which are quite high. As for calorie breakdown, the calorie breaks down into 64% fat, 32% protein and 4% carbs.

Now let us come to the nutrition content. The total fat comprises to be 35% of the daily intake. Out of which 3.168 grams is saturated fat, 15.687 grams is monounsaturated fat and 2.779 grams are polyunsaturated fat. The saturated fat comprises 16% of the daily intake. The cholesterol content is fairly high in a bowl of seafood salad. It comes out to be 162 milligrams and comprises 54% of daily intake. The sodium content is extremely high and is 817 milligrams while potassium is considerably high and is 435 milligrams. Sodium takes 34% of daily intake. Carbs constitute 1% of daily intake out of which 0.6 grams is dietary fiber and 1.66 grams is sugar. As for vitamins, it contains, 17% vitamin C, 9% iron and 13% calcium.