How many calories in Broccoli Slaw

Coleslaws are traditionally prepared with cabbages. This is a similar form made using broccoli. This has got many nutritional benefits than cabbage slaw and it has got an amazing spicy flavor. This coleslaw shall be the best side dish for all kinds of lunches. This is a very attractive and colorful dish and one need not spend more time in its preparation. This simple dish is nutrition rich and is well suited for lunch and dinner than breakfasts.

A cup or 3 oz of this broccoli slaw contains about 25 calories. This dish is completely fat and cholesterol free. This dish has got about 120% of Vitamin C and 70% of Vitamin A. Other essential constituents include proteins, calcium, iron and fiber. This dish shall be served along with onions, tomatoes and other vegetables too which would enhance its nutritional value.

calories in Broccoli Slaw

The dietary fiber present in this food helps in proper digestion of food. This makes the dish a complete meal as it gives a feeling of fullness. All the hard substances are easily digested and problems related to indigestion shall be greatly avoided. This dish also contains a small quantity of natural sugar which gives us more energy.  Vitamin C is the major part of this Broccoli slaw. This is rich in anti- oxidants which keeps us fit. They also help in increasing the immunity power. Any skin problems are easily resolved by this vitamin.

This dish helps in fighting any kind of infections. Vitamin A present in this broccoli slaw helps in improving our vision. Wounds are healed quicker and this dish shall be included in our daily diet. This food helps in weight reduction as it contains absolutely no fat. The blood pressure shall be maintained and bad cholesterol is reduced. The essential minerals present in this slaw helps in increasing the bone strength.