How Many Calories in Pink Grapefruit Juice

The juice extracted from grapefruit varies in color and flavor. They go in the ascending order from being sweet-tart to sour. Hence, their color also changes from light pink to pink to ruby red. This item finds a comfortable place in a health buff’s dining table. Grapes are citrus fruits and therefore they are a potential carrier of Vitamin C. But other than that, there are other medicinal purposes of the juice. However, it is best to be aware of its nutritional value before one starts sipping the grapefruit juice.

Pink Grapefruit Juice

A 240 gm serving size of Trader Joe’s pink grapefruit juice has 100 calories while the same serving from Safeway provides 110 calories. Both are non-fat but while there is no Sodium in Safeway, Trader Joe’s product has 35 gm Sodium.

Ocean Spray promises to give you the pink grapefruit juice that is full of Vitamins A, B and C and in a serving size of 227 gm, you get 100 calories, no fat but 35 gm of Sodium.

Robinson’s product provides 189 calories in a 100 gm serving but it also has 45 gm carbohydrates.

Cascadia has an intriguing product that combines sparkling product with pink grapefruit juice. Here 1 serving has only 2 calories but it has 45 gm of Sodium.

The pink grapefruit juice by most manufacturers has added sugar and that is why the carbohydrate content and the Sodium content increases in some cases. So in case you already have a condition that does not encourage you to take in too much Sodium, you should watch out. But all these manufacturers make sure that the juice is fat free. Some of these have Iron content and some are rich in Vitamins. The most common is Vitamin C with Vitamin A following suit. Some of the manufacturers also make sure that there is some calcium in the fruit juice.