How Many Calories in Persimmons

Persimmon which is known to be a low calorie fruit contains various micronutrients which are essential for the human body. One oz yields of raw persimmon contain around 16.8 calories out of which a mere   calories come from fat. The total fat content in an equal serving of raw persimmon is 0.046 gram out of which 0.0048 gram is saturated fat content, 0.01 gram is polyunsaturated fat content and 0.0089 gram is monounsaturated fat content. The sodium and potassium content in it is 0.24 mg and 38.6 mg respectively. The carbohydrate content in it is 4.5 gram and protein content is 0.14 gram.

A medium sized persimmon has around 95 calories and is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, manganese and fiber. It contains a low fat, sodium and cholesterol content. Apart from this, it has traces of several micronutrients.

Persimmons Calories

Persimmon is also consumed in its dried form. Each serving of dried persimmon contains around 93 calories and is a very good source of dietary fiber. Persimmon is also consumed as a part of a fruit salad. You may even consume pure persimmon salad and the calorie content in it varies based on the quantity of persimmon it contains. In order to enhance the taste of persimmon salad one squeeze a lemon on it and also sprinkle some salt and pepper. Adding all these ingredients to persimmon would mean adding a few more calories to it.

Persimmon salsas are also quite popular and so are its sauces. Both these persimmon preparations are low in calories and are used to enhance the taste of various food items. Persimmon sauce is especially preferred as it is a good substitute to the other high calorie sauces and toppings. You may pour this sauce on different dishes and add value to their taste at the same time keeping the calorie content in check.