How Many Calories in Parsnips

Parsnips may be consumed in their raw as well as cooked form. There are various methods of cooking parsnips and the number of calories in it varies based on whether it is cooked or raw and even on its method of preparation. However whichever form you consume it in maximum number of calories in parsnips are obtained from carbohydrates.

One cup slices of raw parsnips contain 100 calories out of which merely 4 calories are obtained from fat. The total fat content in an equal quantity of raw parsnips is 0.4 gram, total carbohydrate content is 23.39 grams and protein content is 1.6 grams. 92% of calories in raw parsnips are obtained from carbohydrates, 5% are obtained from proteins and just 3% come from fats. 1 oz of raw parsnips contains 21 calories; 100 grams of raw parsnips have 75 calories and 1 Ib of parsnips has 340 calories.

Parsnips Calories

The calorie content in parsnips changes on cooking it. 1 cup of cooked parsnip pieces contain 143 calories out of which 37 calories are obtained from fat. Out of these 143 calories 70% calories are obtained from carbohydrates, 25% are obtained from fat and 5% from proteins. 1 oz of similarly cooked parsnips contains 25 calories, 1 small sized cooked parsnip contains 32 calories, a medium sized cooked parsnip has 90 calories, a large sized cooked parsnip contains 147 calories, 100 grams of cooked parsnip has 89 calories and a cup of mashed parsnips cooked in a similar manner contain 191 calories.

Creamed parsnips taste awesome and are thus quite popular. However, the calorie content in this preparation of parsnips is very high. One cup of creamed parsnips contains 237 calories out of which 50% calories are obtained from carbohydrates, 41% calories come from fat and just 9% are obtained from proteins.