How Many Calories in Parsley

Parsley is available in raw form, dried form as well as cooked form. The calorie content in each of these parsley forms is different. However, in all these parsley forms the maximum number of calories is obtained from carbohydrates.

One tablespoon of raw parsley contains only 1 calorie out of which 63% calories comes from carbohydrates, 19% is obtained from proteins and 18% is obtained from fat. The total carbohydrate and protein content in an equal quantity of raw parsley is 0.24 gram and 0.11 gram respectively. The total fat content in it is 0.03 gram. 10 sprigs of raw parsley contain 4 calories, 1 oz of raw parsley contains 10 calories, 1 cup has a total of 22 calories, 100 grams contains 36 calories and 1 Ib of raw parsley has 163 calories.

Parsley Calories

One teaspoon of dried parsley contains just 1 calorie of which 67% calories are obtained from carbohydrates, 20% calories come from proteins and the remaining 13% are obtained from fat. One tablespoon of dried parsley contains 4 calories, 1 oz of dried parsley has 78 calories and 100 grams of dried parsley has 276 calories.

The calorie content in parsley changes on cooking it. 10 cooked parsley sprigs contain 4 calories out of which 57% calories are obtained from carbohydrates, 27% come from proteins and 16% are obtained from fats. One oz of similarly cooked parsley contains 10 calories, one cup contains 31 calories and 100 grams of parsley cooked in a similar manner contain 36 calories. Parsley can be cooked in different ways and the calorie content in cooked parsley may vary based on its method of preparation.

Parsley sauce is also quite popular and is used to enhance the taste of various food items. 100 ml of parsley sauce contains 82 calories and none of the calories in this sauce are obtained from fat. This is the reason why it is even more popular.