How Many Calories in Mixed Vegetables

Mixed vegetable recipes are common among Indians. These contain almost all the essential nutrients that one needs every day. The right combination of vegetables gives the best taste and good health as well.  A mixture of fresh corn, carrots, green beans, peas and lima beans with a very little amount of potatoes shall be one of the best and healthy combinations. They shall be steamed and served with a little of salt and pepper. This shall be taken as such or along with rice and chapattis.

A full cup of mixed vegetables contain about 140 calories. Taking two such cups would be a healthy diet. The fat content contributes up to 36 calories. This dish contains about 32% of fiber and 20% of sodium. Carbohydrate is about 8% and potassium is about 9%.  The fat content is comparatively very low. It is just is 4%. This dish contains about 10% of proteins.

Calories in Mixed Vegetables

This dish is rich in Vitamin A. Almost all the vegetables added are good sources of vitamins. This Vitamin A helps to increase the production of white blood cells in our body. This increases the immunity power of our body an one can fight any disease. This also improves vision and strengthens the bones. Taking such nutritious dishes everyday keeps us fit against the attack of any bacteria or virus.

As the mixed vegetables is very low in fat as well as it contains very less calories, they could reduce over- weight. One must need a little amount of fat every day. This is provided in the right quantity through this dish. People attempting weight loss shall prefer this in their diet. The fiber content in this dish enhances the functionality of the digestive system. This makes us feel brisk and active all the day. Any recipe with these mixed vegetables would be a filling and healthy food.