How Many Calories in Longans

The calorie content in a Logan without refuse weighing around 3.2 grams is 2 Kcal and none of the calories in this fruit come from fat. In fact the fat content in Logan is nil. This fruit does not even impact your cholesterol level as the cholesterol content in also nil in it. The total carbohydrate content in Logan is 0.5 gram. It also contains some amount of Vitamin C and traces of riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and manganese.

100 grams of Logan contains 60 calories. It also includes water content of 83 grams, carbohydrate content of 15 grams and dietary fiber content of 1.1 gram. Logan also includes a number of essential vitamins and minerals. An equal quantity of Logan has 0.031 mg thiamine, 0.3 mg niacin, 0.14 mg riboflavin, 84 mg vitamin C, 0.13 mg iron, 0.05 mg manganese, 0.05 mg zinc, 10 mg magnesium, 0.05 mg manganese, 21 mg phosphorus and 266 mg potassium.

Longan Calories

Dried Logan is also available in the market and consumed by many. Consuming 100 grams dried Logan would mean taking in 285 calories. An equal quantity of dried Logan contains 74 grams of carbohydrate content, 17.6 grams of water content, 5 grams of protein content, 0.4 gram of fat content, 0.04 mg thiamine, 0.5 mg riboflavin, 1 mg niacin, 28 mg vitamin C, 5.4 mg, iron, 45 mg calcium, 46 mg magnesium, 0.248 mg manganese, 658 mg potassium, 196 mg phosphorous and 0.22 mg zinc.

Thus, as seen above a Logan is full of various micronutrients which are very essential for the proper functioning of different body parts. It offers various health benefits. And though it comes with some amount of calories but none of these calories come from fat. The fact that Logan is fat free makes it even more popular.