How Many Calories in Hulled Hemp Seed

Hemp is a seed that contains very high level of proteins and all types of the essential nine amino acids. Not only this, it also contains high content of fatty acids as well as fibre, trace minerals and vitamin E. The most amazing part of a hemp seed is that its protein is very digestible and consumable. It does not cause any gastric problem and it does not contain the acid that prevents the absorption of minerals. Our body cannot produce the essential nine amino acids. But the hemp seed contains all of them, hence providing a good nutritional balance to the body.

calories in Hulled Hemp Seed

The total amount of calories in hemp seed is 90 calories. It has many benefits in digestion and contains high nutritional value. The total amount of fat in hemp seed is 6 grams that is, 9% of the 2000 calorie diet per day. The amount of saturated fat in hemp seeds is 1 gram that is 6% of the 2000 calorie diet. It does not contain Tran’s fat. This makes hemp seeds very healthy as it has low fat and cholesterol content. The sodium and cholesterol content in hemp seeds is zero. There is a total of 3 grams carbohydrate content that is 3% of 2000 calorie diet in which dietary fibre is 2 grams. Hemp seed also includes 5 grams of proteins, including all the amino acids that are essential.

Hemp seeds contain 0% Vitamin A, Calcium and Vitamin C whereas there is a total of 6% Iron in these seeds. Thus, hemp seeds have no cholesterol, sugar or sodium. There is a variety of things that are made from hemp seeds. The dishes made out of them contain a high nutritional value. The oil made from hemp seeds are very essential as well for varied purposes.