How many calories in a pork roast

A pork roast is a delicious crackling crisp with moist and tender meat. The perfectly roasted pork contains very delicious meat pieces in the bread. It is moist as well as tender. It is very rich in nutritional value. It contains large number of protein and vitamins since meat is quite high on these values. In addition to that, the cheese and butter used as extra toppings increase the fat and cholesterol content of the dish. A pork roast is made with pieces of pork meat. It is made in different forms, using different ingredients and toppings. This is the factor on which the amount of calories of the dish depends.

calories in a pork roast

There are total of 52 calories in a thin crust of the pork roast. This includes 3.06 grams of fat and zero carbohydrates. The protein content in this pork roast amounts to 5.67 grams. This dish consists of 1.23 grams of saturated fat, 0.253 grams of poly saturated fat and 1.5 grams of mono saturated fats. It also contains 17 milligrams of cholesterol in just one thin crust of pork roast. This cholesterol content is very unhealthy for a human body. It disrupts the circulatory and digestive system. It contains 46 milligrams and 85 milligrams of sodium and potassium respectively. There is no carbohydrate content in pork roast. This includes no dietary fibre and no sugar too.

Pork roast contains no Vitamin A or Vitamin C. It contains 0% calcium and 1% of Iron. The calorie breakdown of pork roasts 55% fat, 0% carbohydrates and 45% proteins. All these values are based on one thin crust of pork roast. The percentage values are based on a basic 2000 calories per day diet. A pork roast is quite high on the fat and cholesterol content, though it does not contain much vitamins and minerals.